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Transformers Logo by JackHammer86

Hello everyone, and welcome to my Transformers challenge where I'll be asking you guys questions about anything Transformers, whether it be the cartoons, the movies, the toys, etc. So here we go!

Question 1:
How were you introduced to Transformers?

I was first introduced to it when I saw images of The Unicron Trilogy (Transformers Armada, Energon, and Cybertron) all over the place when I watched 2000's cartoons on YTV (like SpongeBob, Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom, and The Powerpuff GIrls)

Question 2:
What made you a fan?

When my dad and I saw Spider-Man 3 in theaters (Come on people, it's not as bad as everyone says!), we saw a trailer of the first Michael Bay Transformers movie, and we suddenly wanted to see it.

Question 3:
Which Transformers cartoons did you watch growing up?

I watched at least half of the original cartoon, half of Beast Wars, and all the episodes of Transformers Animated (Which I think ended too soon) 


Question 4:
What are your thoughts on the original movie (the animated one based on the original series)?

Transformers the Movie by JackHammer86

Well, it does keep the spirit of the original show and Optimus Prime was awesome like always (especially in this scene! :happybounce:), but my biggest problem with it was how they killed off many of the old characters (including Optimus Prime) just so they can sell more toys of the new ones! That's not cool Hasbro!

 Inside Out Reaction Icon: Sadness 

Question 5:
Who is your favorite Transformer?

My favorite one would be Optimus Prime, because he's smart, he's tough, he transforms into a truck, he's awesome in battle, and because of his awesome voice by Peter Cullen (In the original series and the movies)

Optimus Prime by JackHammer86

Question 6:
Did you collect any of the toys growing up? If yes, what was your favorite?

I collected over a 100 toys during my teen years! Lol. Most of them are from the movies and Transformers Animated.

My Favorite one would probably be the Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class Optimus Prime toy (Even if it's extremely hard to transform).

Optimus Prime toy by JackHammer86

Question 7:
What were your thoughts on the movies when they came out, and what are your thoughts on them now?

Transformers Poster by JackHammer86ROTF Poster by JackHammer86DOTM Poster by JackHammer86AOE Poster by JackHammer86

I used to love the first 3 films when they came out, and that was because I was a teenage boy which are the movies' target audience. Lol
Nowadays, the first Transformers film is one of my biggest guilty pleasures, I still enjoy the action, the humor, the characters, and the robots themselves (both the visuals and the voice acting) especially Optimus Prime despite the story lacking a bit.

 OMG BEST ENTRANCE EVER AT 4:41:happybounce:

The second film has it's moments but it was mostly boring and annoying, and killing off Optimus Prime for an hour didn't help either, and speaking of which, this was also the point where Michael Bay decided to put fan favorites in the film just to have them die or help Hasbro sell more toys!.

  Wow, Optimus Prime was actually brave enough to take on 3 Decepticons who may or may not be tougher than him, that takes balls! 
The third film also has it's moments and it's less annoying than the last one, but it was still boring because it rather focuses on the same political bullshit, boring exposition, and the wacky life of our human main character like in the last film, I mean, can we just focus on the Transformers story please?! but the visuals and voice acting is still good like always, and watching Optimus Prime in action was still a lot of fun! Lol

    Skip to 3:16 here because before that part, it's just the same stuff from the third video

If you wanna hear my thoughts on the fourth one, you can check out my review here:  JackHammer Reviews: Transformers Age of ExtinctionHey guys, JackHammer here with another movie review, and today we'll be looking at the 4th installment of Michael Bay's infamous
Transformers franchise, Transformers: Age of Extinction.

Now just to let you guys know, I used to LOVE Transformers, I was a huge fan to the point where I watched the original series, I loved the cartoon from the late 2000's (Transformers Animated), I bought many of the toys, and as embarrassing it is to say, I also loved watching fan-made stop motion videos of Transformers on YouTube, and I even went to see the first 3 Michael Bay films in theaters. I also like to add that Optimus Prime was one of my favorite characters growing up.

Now I admit that the movies are pretty repetitive in terms of writing and directing, but the first 3 films are guilty pleasures of mine. I don't know if it's because I was a blood hungry psychopath or a violent craving teen, but I still en
. But let's just say the franchise really overstayed it's welcome by this point, because it still focuses on the same boring shit from last time to the point where it now makes us look like idiots! The patriotism and product placement in this film are beyond horendous! and not even a completely different human cast OR EVEN Optimus Prime can save it anymore! I'm not even gonna bother showing any clips from Transformers 4 because it doesn't deserve to have it's clips shown!

Question 8:
Have you ever been to the ride at Universal Studios? If so, did you enjoy it?

The Ride by JackHammer86

Yes I did, and it was awesome! In fact, it's arguably more exciting than the movies themselves because not only we get to see awesome action, but the ride itself is feels so realistic that we're actually in the middle of the fight going through dangerous flips and getting close to explosions and robots fighting and all that stuff, and without having to put up with stupid and annoying filler! Which makes me wonder, how the hell does Universal make all their rides feel so real?! Heck, Evac (the autobot we're with throughout the whole ride) isn't even in most of the films and he still makes us wanna trust him!

Question 9:
What are you expecting from Transformers 5?

TLK Poster by JackHammer86

I just don't care anymore, Michael Bay pretty much sucked the fun out of both the franchise and Optimus Prime by this point, and if I wanted to see more Transformers, I'd go back to the cartoons, the first movie, the ride, or just watch the action scenes from the sequels online without watching the whole film so I don't have to suffer through so much boring stuff! And if I wanted to go to the theaters now, I'd rather see Wonder Woman again, Captain Underpants, Cars 3 or Despicable Me 3 than this!

Now, for this challenge I will tag :iconanjalea:, :iconsmoothcriminalgirl16:, :iconkokocereal:, :iconkatiegirlsforever:, :iconthebutterfly:, :iconshibamura-prime:, :iconghostfreak-artz:, :iconcamw1n:, :icondarknlord91:, :icondairugger:, :iconvermilionbirdy:, :icondan-the-artguy:, :iconscoutology:, :iconfoamblanket:, and :iconhewytoonmore: I know that's a lot but sue me! Lol

Not everyone has to take this challenge but if you're gonna do it, gimme your best shot!

Well, I can't really end this on a bad note with Transformers 5, so as an added bonus, here's the original Transformers theme (from the animated film) and the Linkin Park songs from the first 3 films to play us out!

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  • Drinking: Chocolate Milk


Looking back at the success of my Inside Out challenge, I figured I should do another one.

And with the release of Transformers 5 around the corner, I decided to do a Transformers challenge! Where I ask you guys questions that are not only about the movies, but also the cartoons, the toys, and more! So be on the lookout for that!

Hopefully I can post it when Transformers 5 comes out.
What is with this obsession on DeviantArt with Miraculous Ladybug?!
Sorry that I haven't done much stuff recently, It's just that I started shading my drawings recently, and it was so new to me that I went through a little stress and wasn't in the mood to digitalize drawings as much.

But don't worry, I'm still drawing and I'm even making my first comic!
Ok guys, you win! From now on, I will add shading to my drawings to make them look more 3-dimensional.

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