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Hey, JackHammer here, and welcome to part 2 of my Top 20 Favorite Animated films!

My Top 20 list drawing (color) by JackHammer86

Before you see this, I recommend you look at part 1 first!  JackHammer's Top 20 Favorite Animated Movies Pt 1Hello, JackHammer here, and welcome to a very special list that I wanted to make for myself for a very long time, My Top 20 Favorite Animated Movies!

Why animated movies you may ask. Because I love animation. Some may think that animation is just kids stuff, BUT IT'S NOT! I see animation as "art that comes to life" to the point where I actually think animation is better than live-action! Sure it may be harder to make than live-action, but with animation, you don't have to worry about crappy effects that are supposed to look realistic, or actors that are trying to act genuine in front of the camera, all you need is good animation and people that can act with their voices mixed with a good story and or concept. And many of these films are the best examples of that!

And we're gonna look at the Top 20 of them here today! Why Top 20? Well, since the Nostalgia Critic likes to go 1 step beyond, I like to go 10 ste


#20 The Iron Giant - Warner Bros Animation (1999)

The Iron Giant by JackHammer86

Like most people, I never actually heard of this film when I was little, since Warner Bros made it bomb at the box-office due to crappy marketing, but like Brad Bird himself, this film grew a major cult following to the point where it's now considered a classic, and when I finally got introduced to it in recent years thanks to the Nostalgia Critic, and AniMat talking about it in some of their videos, I watched it a few times, and my god!

We all head of the story before and after like E.T., Ratatouille, How to Train Your Dragon, and many more, but what really makes it work here are how it connects itself with 50's sci-fi, the humor, the action, and the characters!

They focus on a lot of relationships that the characters have with each other, including the one between Hogarth and the Giant, and they all work very well thanks to the great writing, and voice acting. And this is one of director Brad Bird's biggest strengths!

And then there's the animation! Since this is from Brad Bird, when I watch it, I see a 2D version of The Incredibles because of how the characters are designed! Not only that, but when Brad Bird's style is put into 2D, It actually looks as good as Disney Animation!

Not to mention the Giant himself is damn cool too! He's extremely tall, eats metal, the computer animation on him actually works really well with the 2D world, and he's frickin voiced by Vin Diesel from Fast and the Furious fame!

Anyone who is a fan of animation or Brad Bird must see this film!

#19 TIE: Chicken Run, and Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit - Aardman Animations and DreamWorks Animation (2000, 2005)

Chicken Run by JackHammer86 Wallace and Gromit by JackHammer86

What started off as an exercise for Aardman on how to make a feature film, Chicken Run gave Aardman a great first impression in feature films, while the sub plot with Rocky is kinda weak (and makes the film a bit more predictable), the main story itself is still great as it is with Aardman's signature animation and likeable characters that you actually do wanna see escape the farm. Not to mention that this was the film that inspired the Academy Awards to create the Best Animated Feature category (Which I find stupid because they could have created that category earlier, especially if they were never gonna take animation seriously).

And who doesn't know Wallace & Gromit? I don't know why but I cannot hate a charming inventor who loves cheese, and his loyal, silent, and intelligent dog Gromit who always end up in crazy situations! This was one those franchises that started off as a student film made by a young man named Nick Park, then turned into a series of shorts and movies that just got bigger and bigger.

With the first short, "A Grand Day Out" feeling like a children's book (but in a good way), while the later shorts, (The Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave, and even A Matter of Loaf and Death) and the movie felt more like movies with more of a story, a grittier tone, more threatening villains, and climaxes that are more intense in each of them.

As for the movie itself, while the new characters (especially the villain) aren't as interesting or threatening as the ones in the shorts, they at least made up for it with better humor, bigger settings, and the same other qualities that made the shorts memorable.

#18 The Prince of Egypt - DreamWorks Animation (1998)

The Prince of Egypt by JackHammer86

Back when DreamWorks actually cared about hand-drawn animation, and especially at a time where most studios felt like their films should be musicals based on famous stories because Disney was dominating the industry that way, this is actually the best non-Disney animated musical to come out of the 90's (heck, it's even produced by the same guy who saved Disney during the late 80's and early 90's) because even if it had musical numbers and some comedy, it still knew how to stay true to the original exodus story while still being it's own unique thing (I'm not even a fan of religious stuff and I still like this film. Lol) It has some of the best 2D animation from DreamWorks, the relationships between the characters (especially Moses and Rameses) are just great, the songs are actually pretty good (them being written by someone who had previous experiences with the great Alan Menken at Disney certainly helps) and I think Rameses is one of the best examples of a supporting character turned into a villain.

#17 Kung Fu Panda 2 - DreamWorks Animation (2011)

Kung Fu Panda 2 by JackHammer86

Kung Fu Panda is known as one of DreamWorks' biggest franchises today, and for good reason.

The first Kung Fu Panda film was kinda predictable, and had a weak villain (despite having a good backstory and looking awesome when he fights), but still a good introduction to it's likeable characters, it's revolutionary animation that mixes fur with clothing, and awesome action scenes filled with kung fu!

While the third film wasn't exactly the best due to it's focus more on the comedy compared to the previous films, and the fact that the villain wasn't exactly executed the best despite being great conceptually, It still has some of the best animation in the franchise, likeable characters, a lot of heart, and more awesome kung fu!

But my favorite out of the three is Kung Fu Panda 2! Even if it repeats some elements from the first film a little, It still feels like a continuation of the story rather than a re-telling. Everything from the first film has been expanded here in terms of it's animation, it's kung-fu, and we even learn more about the characters like Po himself, Tigress, and Mr. Ping. Not to mention that it's even darker than the first film to the point where some scenes can bring a tear to your eye (except me because I'm a grown man when it comes to movies, ha ha ha!). And then there's the villain, Lord Shen. While the villains in the other films had some weak spots in terms of execution, Lord Shen is an awesome villain, whether it be his backstory, his voice by Gary Oldman, or his threatening personality, not to mention he looks so awesome with his cannon, and all of that makes him not only one of the best DreamWorks villains, but maybe even one of the best villains in animation!

Mix all of that with clever philosiphies, and I have one more thing to say about the trilogy with the Dragon Warrior!

#16 Peter Pan - Walt Disney Animation Studios (1953)

Peter Pan by JackHammer86

When I was a kid, this was one of my favorite Disney films (especially my favorite from the Walt Disney era) but watching it again, I started to see it's flaws, and the problem I have with this film are the kids (both the 3 kids and the lost boys) It's not that their bad or anything, I mean there are times where you can feel for them, and can even be funny at times, but they can also be bland or annoying (I say Wendy is the least of the ladder), but despite that, I still really like this film!

The story is still a great telling of the classic Barrie story mixed with the magic of Disney, like classic 2D animation, and great songs (for the most part).

The characters I love are the ones you love! Peter Pan! Captain Hook! Tinker Bell! Smee! The list goes on! Not to mention that the scenes with Hook and the crocodile are just hilarious!

So yeah, even if I don't like it as much as I did as a kid, I still like it!

#15 Pinocchio - Walt Disney Animation Studios (1940)

Pinocchio by JackHammer86

This is probably my favorite out of all the films from the Walt Disney era. While Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs felt more like an 80 minute cartoon (in a good way), this felt like Disney's first ACTUAL movie with a larger scale, more detail that the animators put into everything (like Geppetto's clocks, Pleasure Island, the sea, etc), and much darker scenes. but of course this film isn't complete without it's unforgettable characters and strong moral that tells us to do be good at heart, OR ELSE THIS WILL HAPPEN!

Jesus! There hasn't been scene like this that made me want to run away in a long time!

 (2:05 to 2:10)

Scared bitmoji by JackHammer86

But anyways, after watching it again (and a another review certainly helped), I realized that both the song, When You Wish Upon A Star, and the message itself is not telling us that our wishes will come true just like that, it's telling us that if we do good for OTHERS, then something good will happen to us! In the words of a great film historian/critic, this film really did good and by being good to others for being so beloved, it got it's wish to be forever remembered as an animated classic.

#14 Shrek 2 - DreamWorks Animation (2004)

Shrek 2 by JackHammer86

I was also gonna include the first Shrek on this spot, but watching it nowadays, I see more flaws in it now than I did as a kid, like not all the jokes work, and the part where Shrek and Fiona are separated because of a misunderstanding is completely unnessecary! Don't get me wrong though! It's still a good film, most of the jokes are still funny, the characters are still likeable, and the twist they gave to the fairlytale element really works!

Shrek 2 on the other hand is one of my favorite animated comedies! Everything from the first film was given one hell of an upgrade here with it's characters, it's animation, and it's humor, and speaking of the humor, while I only laughed half of the time and chuckled at the other half in the first one, every joke in Shrek 2 (or at least most of them) hit bullseyes! Mixed with a great story, and loveable and hilarious characters both old and new!

And if you guys are wondering what I think of the later Shrek can I put this? Shrek the Third sucks! and Shrek Forever After is just OK, enough said! And as for the fifth one that's coming up, we'll see what happens.

#13 Finding Nemo - Pixar Animation Studios (2003)

Finding Nemo by JackHammer86

I remember being so excited to see this film when I was just a kid, that dad actually got me out of school to see it the day it opened in theaters, Lol. And even my Ukrainian mother, Elena said it's one her favorite movies! And I can totally see why!

First off, the animation is just gorgeous! And that is because the animators put so much detail into everything, from the many different parts of the sea, to the landscapes of the surface, to even the realistic movements on the sea creatures! And keep in mind, it took the animators 4 DAYS!! to render just one frame of this film, so we should give a major thumbs up for their hard work!

And there's also the characters. Marlin may seem like the overprotective father that we see in many animated films these days (Like The Lion King 2, The Wild, Happy Feet 2, the recent Ice Age sequels, Hotel Transylvania, The Croods, etc) but what makes it work in this film and not in others is that it doesn't feel like it was just thrown in because the writers couldn't think of anything else, but rather an actual message for parents, telling them they shouldn't be too overprotective with their kids, and that they should be able to do things on their own sometimes, And Andrew Stanton was able to show that very well since he himself was overprotective with his kid.

The rest of the characters are also very loveable with their memorable and unique personalities, and all of them do serve a purpose by leading Marlin and Dory closer to Nemo.

We've seen animated films under the sea before and after this, but it never looked this good!

And for those of you who want to hear my thoughts on Finding Dory, It is a great sequel on it's own, and I love how they focus on Dory's origins here, while also giving us a message about people with disabilites (Which I can totally relay to because I actually have autism), and the new characters are quite enjoyable, but that's also kinda one of the film's biggest problems since it also pushes the recurring characters to the side, and there a few plot points that they took from the first film, but that didn't stop it from being much better than any of the other sequels Pixar did recently (Not counting Toy Story).

#12 The Incredibles - Pixar Animation Studios (2004)

The Incredibles by JackHammer86

I was a big fan of superhero movies when I was little, mostly the films with Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man!
But what do you get when you take the groundbreaking computer animation from Pixar and mix it with the action-packed suspense of director Brad Bird? You get something pretty awesome!

I remember being really excited to see this film since I saw this funny teaser trailer attached to Finding Nemo over a year before it's release.

And when I saw it, I fell in love with it! So much so that I had trouble waiting for the DVD lol.
I was such a big fan of this film that I constantly went on the website, played the games (online and gamecube), and even got the toys from McDonalds Happy Meals (Don't ask, I was only 8!)

Watching it again not only gave me nostalgia, but now I love it not just for the superhero aspect or the action, or the fact that it stars a superhero family (all of which are still awesome), but the family aspect as well!

What I love about some Pixar films is how some of the aspects are based on the director's personal lives, which in this case is someone having trouble balancing his family and his career, and Brad Bird really succeeded in capturing that feel!

Like when you hear the family talk to each other, you don't feel like you're just listening to actors, you feel like you're listening to a real family talk to each other! And like in The Iron Giant, it's all thanks to great writing, and great voice acting! Not to mention the characters themselves are highly loveable in their own way!

And speaking of voice acting, I think Edna Mode is one of the most memorable characters to be voiced the director himself! (Next to Stitch, and Scrat!) And I love it when the directors themselves can make different voices, and not just voice actors!

But there's also the villain! I feel that most Pixar villains are rather weak and not as memorable as the classic Disney villains. But there are some exceptions like Sid, Hopper, and Lotso, but then there's also Syndrome, who I think is the best villain made by Pixar, because he shows that famous people shouldn't be too mean to their biggest fans, otherwise, they could go completely against them like Syndrome did in this film! He was so disappointed by Mr Incredible's rejection that he actually did anything he could to destroy him, like hurting his family, his fame, and even his superhero friends (Which he managed to kill a ton of them already)! And the fact that he planned to give everyone his inventions just to make superheroes not so super anymore just makes him even more ruthless! And seeing how he was defeated always reminds me of what Edna Mode said earlier in the film. Lol

And let's not forget that awesome theme song that pays homage to James Bond!

In the words of a kid on a bike, this film is totally wicked!

And I cannot wait for The Incredibles 2 next year!

#11 WALL-E - Pixar Animation Studios (2008)

Wall-e by JackHammer86
What started as an idea that the people at Pixar came up with during lunch when they were making Toy Story, Andrew Stanton managed to make this one hell of a film 14 years later!

One of the things that makes this film so good is the concept, which asks the question, what if the Earth was so polluted to the point where humans no longer live on Earth, and all that's left is a little cleaning robot named WALL-E? Not only is it well explained here, but they even spice things up by adding a love story involving 2 robots, It may sound dumb on paper, but the way they show it really REALLY WORKS!

The animation is fantastic! Thanks to the help of legendary names in the movie industry like Dennis Muren and Roger Deakins, You really feel like you're in a highly polluted earth, or in space, or in a big ship filled with commercialism (Btw, I actually find the commercialism in this film kinda funny), And it's always beautiful to look at! Another thing I must mention is the sound effects and robot voices! When you hear the sound effects and voices, you always feel like you're hearing a robot talk or move or bump into each other, and that is all thanks to Ben Burtt (from Star Wars fame), who also voices almost all the robots in this (including WALL-E, and M-O)

And then there's the relationship between the charming WALL-E, and the intelligent EVE. Romances aren't always neccessary in movies, but in here, it really works. Despite them being robots, you can really feel the chemistry between the two even if there's little to no dialogue! I do find it weird, that they included parts from the film, Hello Dolly in this, but whatever, I'll take it.

If there's any problems I have with this film, one would be that all the humans look the same (Which I kinda understand because they started off as piles of goo before the animators turned them into fat humans, but still), and I also don't get why the humans in old clips are real people, yet when you see them in person, they're animated. But those are nipicks, I still like the idea of the humans moving to space in a big ship and becoming incredibly lazy in the process. Lol

And to me, all of that enough for me to call this a Pixar classic!

So remember everyone, don't litter! And be respectful to the environment as much as you can! Otherwise you'll end up in a ship in space for 700 years, and you'll become lazy and fat, and a it'll be up to a cleaning robot to save you. Lol

#10 Aladdin - Walt Disney Animation Studios (1992)

Aladdin by JackHammer86
Despite being surpisingly one of Disney's most controversial films (Due to it being accidentally racist against arabs), Aladdin still holds up to this day as a beloved Disney classic. Out of all the Disney films directed by the great Ron Clements and John Musker, this is arguably the best they ever did.

The animation is beautiful! The characters are loveable! The songs from the Great Alan Menken, Howard Ashman, and Tim Rice are still catchy and hummable as always! Jafar is so entertaining with how despicable he is! And It's actually one of Disney's funniest films, thanks to some of the best sidekicks from Disney like Abu or Iago!

But then there's the Genie, voiced by the late great Robin Williams! When people think of the best animated performance by a celebrity, or even one of Robin's best performances ever, they usually think of the Genie, and for good reasons! The Genie could have easily been a terrible character due to him always spewing fourth wall jokes, modern talk, and pop culture references, but Robin Williams puts so much energy into his performance that it always makes him hilarious and a ton of fun to watch!
And that's definately worth putting on this list!

#9 The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Walt Disney Animation Studios (1996)

The Hunchback of Notre Dame by JackHammer86

Never have I seen a Disney film this dark and this adult! The character designs are more realistic, the story is more mature, and even the characters are more complex than previous Disney films! Which makes the characters very relatable, and Frollo an AMAZING villain!
In fact, the way Frollo treats the gypsies in this film reminds me of how a certain someone is treating races and nations that are not white these days. Lol

And also, many of the subject matter in this film is rather ballsie for Disney to enter, like religion, gypsies, lust, and even dealing with a heartbreak, which even helps with Quasimodo's goal to be socially accepted without anyone calling him a monster because of how ugly he is.

And there's also the songs, which are once again written by Alan Menken, and one of his later lyricists, Stephen Schwartz. What I love about these songs is that they don't feel like musical numbers, but more like major events because of how the animators went all out to show the size and details of Notre Dame, the church, and even Frollo's fireplace!

And then there's the everyone has criticized these characters, so I'll just give my say. First, keep in mind that we're talking about DISNEY'S The Hunchback of Notre Dame, so things like this should be expected. Second, I don't find them that annoying, but I don't find them that funny either. To be honest, I thought the main characters, Esmeralda's goat, the soldiers (one of them voiced by Patrick Star), and even the extras we're funnier than them! They may have made me chuckle a few times, but even with that, they're not really as memorable as the Genie or Timon and Pumbaa.

But regardless, this is still one of the big highlights of the Disney Renaissance!

#8 How To Train Your Dragon 2 - DreamWorks Animation (2014)

How to Train Your Dragon 2 by JackHammer86

Now to be honest, I find the first How To Train Your Dragon a bit overrated. Don't get me wrong! It is a good film, the animation is top notch (In fact, the flying scenes are so awesome that it would make a great theme park ride at Universal Studios!), and the writers do know how to take a bunch of story ideas and cliches that we've seen thousands of times and make them feel fresh and new when they put their spin on it, and the relationship between Hiccup and Toothless is well done. But even with that, they're still story ideas and cliches we've seen thousands of times, which makes them a bit predictable, and one more thing, completely rigging the Annie Awards was not cool!

How To Train Your Dragon 2 on the other hand is my absolute favorite film from DreamWorks Animation, like The Rescuers Down Under, this is one of the best examples of how a sequel should be made by fixing the problems the first film had and making the best parts bigger and better! Not only the awesome flying and action scenes from the first are in here as well, but we even get to see many other places outside the island of Berk, and even more dragons than the last! As for the characters, not only the recurring ones are back as their likeable selves, but the new characters make this film even better! Like Valka (Hiccup's long lost mother) who is the heart of the film, and there's also Drago Bludvist who is just as threatening and awesome as Lord Shen from Kung Fu Panda 2!

Director Dean DeBlois once said that he drew influence from films like My Neighbor Totoro and the expanded scope of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back for this film, and it really shows here! (in a good way)

Is there any problems with this film, yes! Even if it won the rest of the awards, it lost the Oscar to Big Hero 6 when DreamWorks really needed that support, and why? Because the voters didn't even care, and just voted for BH6 because their kids liked it or something! And that pisses me off!

But other than that, How To Train Your Dragon 2 is still my favorite DreamWorks film, one of my favorite Animated Sequels, and I can't wait for How To Train Your Dragon 3!

#7 Up - Pixar Animation Studios (2009)

Up by JackHammer86

This was one of the only 3 Animated films to get an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture (Seriously, WTF is wrong with the academy?!), and for a good reason! At first, having a bunch of balloons making a grumpy old man's house fly sounds dumb on paper, but the whole story around it is so good that you can actually buy it! It's funny! It's colorful! It's creative! The characters are loveable! And it gives you the feeling of adventure!

And my god, the dogs are hilarious with their ability to talk because of their special collars, especially the tough dog with the squeaky voice! XDDDDDD

People often talk about the first 10 minutes of the film, with Carl and his wife, Ellie. And yeah I love it just as much as everyone else! There's no dialogue half the time but can you tell how they feel and what they're going through just through the animation! Those first 10 minutes are so good that it still would've worked as a stand alone short! But just when you thought they couldn't keep us in the seats after that, you realize that the adventure has just begun!

And my god the music! This is the same guy who wrote the music for The Incredibles, and Inside Out, and believe it or not, Michael Giacchino might actually be one of my favorite film composers! So much so that I picked up the soundtracks for all those 3 films!
But I digress! There was however this one problem that Doug Walker had with this film that I admit I had too when I first saw this, Why is it that we see Carl's idol, Charles Muntz as an adult when he's little, yet when he's old they look the same age? Shouldn't Charles be dead by that point? But I'm just overanalyzing!

I bet people thought this would be the last great original film that Pixar has given us, only to see director Pete Docter return and give us another great Pixar film years later.................

#6 Spirited Away - Studio Ghibli (2002)

Spirited Away by JackHammer86
Now to be honest, I haven't grown up with any of the Studio Ghibli films, heck, I wasn't even an anime fan growing up! But after I saw Sailor moon, I figured it'd make sense to give the Ghibli films a shot!
While I didn't really get sucked into them yet (Sometimes it takes a while for me to actually like something), I do admit that they are very creative and imaginative in terms of writing and animation, to the point where it's some of the best japanese animation i've ever seen!

I wasn't gonna put this film on the list at first, but I decided to give it a second chance, and I'm glad I did!
Everybody says this is Hayao Miyazaki's masterpiece, and I'm definately one of them! The story is creative and engaging! The characters are memorable both in design and personality! And my god the animation! Not only it's as gorgeous as the other Ghibli films, but the world it's set in is just beautiful to look at! It's the kind of world that you want to be in because there's so much creativity flowing around you! But at the same time, you don't want to be there because of the danger involved!

One of the best scenes is when Sen and No Face are on the train! There's no dialogue or even anything going on in that scene! It's just pure atmosphere!

And John Lasseter really did this movie justice when he was put in charge of the english dub! While a lot of english dubs really suck and aren't as good as the original versions (*cough* Sailor Moon!) The english dub of this film (Along with the other Ghibli films) is just as good! The writing is still strong! And the acting still feels genuine! Getting actors like Jason Marsden and Suzanne Pleshette (Who previously worked together in The Lion King 2), and even Daveigh Chase (the voice of Lilo in Lilo & Stitch) And boy can she portray little girls!

As the only foreign film to win the oscar for Best Animated Feature, Spirited Away truly deserved it! Because god only knows how long they'll always give that category to either Disney or Pixar!

#5 Frozen - Walt Disney Animation Studios (2013)

Frozen by JackHammer86
I don't care if this movie is overplayed, I still love it as much as I did back in 2013. While some people had doubts with this film before it's release thinking it'll just be Tangled on ice, I waited for ONE YEAR to see this film! But another part of me actually did fear that it wouldn't be as good as I hoped, considering that we really needed a great animated film at a year where animation fans had to suffer through bad film after bad film. When I finally saw it though, it was the first time I felt I was watching a new Disney film on the big screen, I love the relationship between the two sisters, like when you see them in danger or despair, you really want to see them make it OK. In fact, Anna is actually one of my favorite Disney Princesses because of how high-spirited and clumsy she is (in a good way of course).

The songs are catchy as hell! The only problem I have with them is that they're all in the first half while the second half has none. Honestly, if you were to fix this, the reprise of the deleted song, "Life's Too Short" should have been kept in the second half.

But it doesn't bother me too much though.

It has some of the best Computer animation Disney ever did, I haven't seen settings from a Disney film this big since The Lion King! The snow and ice is greatly animated as well, especially when Elsa uses her powers!

And I love the twist that they gave to the Disney formula! By making it about a different kind of love than the true love mushy stuff that Disney always did in the past, I'm not saying I'm tired of the lovey dovey stuff, It's just nice to see something different once in a while.
I even got a little too excited when it won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Lol

And for those who hate Frozen just because of how popular it is, here's my arguments. (and please hear me out)

Yes, I get that the story is not COMPLETELY original, but what they did was that they took a bit of the Disney formula, but did it in a way that it still feels fresh and new while also mocking the cliches from many of the past Disney films.

Yes, I admit that just kicking Anna & Kristoff out is not the best decision, and Elsa might SEEM stupid to you but that's just because she's afraid of her powers and that she might hurt her sister, she's not avoiding Anna because she hates her, she's avoiding her because she loves her and doesn't wanna hurt her.

Yes, I admit that Hans isn't a great villain (In fact, I think he's kind of a ripoff of Scar from The Lion King), but he still helps get the message across, he still makes you feel that you know there's trouble when he's on screen (at least after you find out he's the villain), And I also give him credit for actually fooling all of us that he was a good guy.

Yes, I can see how some people aren't fans of comedy reliefs, especially Olaf, but I didn't think he was bad, In fact he made me laugh a lot, and I think it was Olaf that made Josh Gad a household name. But I do admit that the comedy of this film would be incomplete with him alone, but what I really love about Olaf is how he tried to keep Anna warm when she was freezing to death, and didn't even care that he was melting!

Yes, you might think the parents are stupid for separating Anna and Elsa, but a lot of parents ARE like that, they do what they think is right even when it's not right.

And Yes, I admit that Let It Go, is overplayed, but it's a good kind of overplayed like "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith. Like yeah I'm a little sick of seeing and hearing it all over the place, but I still love them the same. And as for the other songs, I loved them because they (Along with many other stuff in this film) are the reason I felt like I was watching an ACTUAL Disney film on the big screen for the first time! And I find them to be much more memorable than most of the songs in Tangled (Which is also a good Disney film despite the songs being forgettable).

So yeah, I think I made my point!

And as for Frozen 2, I am pretty excited for it, but also a little impatient that it doesn't have a release date yet. Not because I want it now, Disney can take their time, It's because I'm tired of hearing all these stupid rumors about it.

#4 The Toy Story Movies - Pixar Animation Studios (1995-2010)

Toy Story by JackHammer86 Toy Story 2 by JackHammer86 Toy Story 3 by JackHammer86

Now let's be honest, who did not grow up watching these films? (I know I did!) These films pretty much remind us how important toys were during our childhoods, and here's why.

The first Toy Story revolutionized the animation industry by being the first ever computer animated film! And to be fair, this could have easily been terrible if it wasn't in the right hands (*coughs* Foodfight!) but thanks to great writing, this film showed that even the silliest of concepts can turn out something great!

There are two things that really make this film work, one is the relationship between Woody and Buzz, with one being a jealous mess, and the other thinking he's the real deal, but once they learn from their mistakes they work together to get back to their owner. Which leads to the second thing, the relationship between all the toys, and Andy! Andy represents all of us when WE were kids and loved playing with OUR toys! And the toys do their best to be there for Andy.

As the first ever computer animated film, some of the animation actually holds up, and I said SOME because the humans and sid's dog do look more plastic than the toys themselves, but their techonology was limited back then, so it's excusable, but the rest like the toys themselves and even some of the objects you see in the film do look real! Like you don't see CG puppets, you actually see toys coming to life!

And who the heck doesn't recognize these characters?! Woody, Buzz, Mr Potato Head, Hamm, Slinky, Rex, and are arguably some of the biggest icons in entertainment history next to Mickey Mouse, Homer Simpson, and Batman! And that's because they are all loveable, funny, and have their own personalities!

Toy Story 2: This film could have been a disaster if it wasn't for John Lasseter who chose to re-do it after the other directors couldn't do their jobs right (According to John and the rest of the crew) and they had to make the final cut in 9 MONTHS! But it was all worth it!
Not only Toy Story 2 managed to capture the spirit of the original, but it actually feels like a continuation of the story rather than a re-hash! The friendship between Woody and Buzz is now stronger than ever to the point where they even risk their lives to save each other in each movie!

And we even get new characters that are just as loveable and memorable as the old ones, most notably the characters from Woody's own franchise (Woody's Roundup) like Jesse, and Bullseye, with even one of the saddest scenes in the franchise that involves Jesse.
We also go deeper into the relationship between a kid and his/her toy, where Woody suddenly realizes that Andy is growing up, and that he won't be able to be with him forever, and if he chooses to go with his roundup gang to Japan, he could he loved by children forever. But he ultimately decides that he might as well make his time with Andy last. And that's what makes this as good as the original!
And this was the point where all of us (including Pixar themselves) realized that they were destined to be the next big studio in animation (Which is what they became).

Toy Story 3: What originally could have been a cheap followup by a more amateur studio (like many of the Disney sequels), Pixar themselves manage to make Toy Story 3 themselves and officially made Toy Story the first animated legendary trilogy in the process as well as making the first animated film to reach over $1 Billion worldwide.

Now there are two different parts of the film that makes it incredible!

One is how they show us what it's like being a Toy at a daycare center, where the toys expect to be played by normal little kids but are actually played by kids who are too young to understand and do nothing but chew, kick, and drool on toys!

And this is where the main villain, Lotso reveals that Sunnyside Daycare is actually a prison and that some toys have to deal with the smallest kids, and if they don't like it, that's too bad! And leaving isn't an option either, which turns this part into a prison break! Which reminds me, what I didn't mention before is that one of the things that makes Woody loveable is that he's smart, and a great leader, like if I was part of his group, I'd totally follow his plan!

The animation has improved a lot from the previous films! Since the animators couldn't re-edit the old models and had to remake them from scratch, they really managed to stay true to the design on the old characters (and even improved the design on the humans a lot) but what really makes it stand out is how all the toys look and move (even more) like real toys than in the first 2 films! (Not that they didn't look like toys in the first 2, but still)

And there's the villain, Lotso, who is actually the best Toy Story villain! He is a huggable teddy bear who actuallly believes that toys are only meant to be thrown away, and it's all because his owner replaced him after she lost him at a park! And even after Woody and Buzz saved him, he still wanted the toys to die!

Which leads to this scene................ Now I admit that this scene is pretty ballsie for an animated feature! And it was a pretty hard scene for anyone to go through even if they knew what was gonna happen. I mean, ask Leonard Hoftstader!
 (0:55 to 1:05)

And the second is how they show us what it's like being a toy when the owner grows up, the ending (Without going into detail) is the ending where everybody cried, and watching it again, I can totally see why! When I first saw this, I was still too young to understand it. But now I realize that this film (especially the ending) are meant for young adults who saw the first two films when they were really little, because it reminds them of the great times they had with both the movies and their favorite toys! And they picture Andy as themsleves, and Woody and Buzz as their favorite toys growing up! And as I am writing this, I have some of my Optimus Prime toys, and even my own Woody and Buzz toys next to me, reminding me how I loved playing with them when I was little!

And all of that is what makes these films so great!

And as for Toy Story 4, I'm just gonna say that I have faith in John Lasseter, and he better make this work!
Now to finish off this spot, why don't we play a classic song from the original film that we all know by heart? (And heck, let's show a Big Bang Theory clip while were at it!)

#3 Beauty And The Beast - Walt Disney Animation Studios (1991)

Beauty and the Beast by JackHammer86
What can i say about it? This film has revolutionized the animation industry by being the first in the medium to receive the Academy Award nomination for Best Picture! And heck, if I was part of the Academy, I'd totally vote for it!

The story is amazing! This is the one Disney film that executed the Disney formula that we all know in the best way possible! And that's because it has the most perfect love story you can find! It's not like the other Disney films where a couple falls in love at first sight! Belle and the Beast actually take their time and get to know each other well before falling in love, not to mention that Belle and the beast themselves are some of the best characters ever made by Disney! (I'll explain later)

The animation is some of the best that Disney has ever done (next to Sleeping Beauty), It is amazing how the animators put so much detail into everything! Like the settings (most notably the castle), the characters who are different objects, the musical numbers, and especially Glen Keane's excellent design on the beast!

And of course, there's the unforgettable characters! With Belle, she is one of the best of the Disney Princess lineup! She's good looking, but she's not a show-off! She's nice, but also has her limits! Everybody makes fun of her, but she gives no f*cks! And she has one hell of a singing voice too!

The Beast is also a great character! Not just by his amazing design, but also how he's written as a man who was cursed because of his selfishness and hot temper, but tries to show that he's more than just a monster! And as for the rest of the characters, if they're good, you like them immediately (like the colorful cast inside the castle)! And If they're evil, you love to hate them! (like Gaston)

This film also has one of my favorite Disney soundtracks, especially from the great Alan Menken and Howard Ashman! They are all fun, catchy, and even heartwarming. Sadly, this was the last film where Howard completed all the songs, because 6 months before the film's release, he died of AIDS at the young age of 40.

As Disney themselves said: To our friend Howard who gave a mermaid her voice, and a beast his soul, we will be forever grateful!
What else can I say other than I love this movie, and it continues to live on as one of Disney's masterpieces.

#2 The Lion King - Walt Disney Animation Studios (1994)

The Lion King by JackHammer86
Like many people my age, this film was a big part of my life, and it was a film I had to watch in order to function in the real world!

Like Frozen, It's one of those films that people had doubts over before it's release, but became much bigger than they thought, but instead of the general public, It was actually Disney themselves who were treating it like a side project thinking that the next film, Pocahontas would be their big blockbuster. Heh, boy were they wrong!

In fact, both Frozen and The Lion King both have similarites in their respective stories now that I think about it. Lol

I mean, what can I say that hasn't been said? It's an animated classic! The story still has some of Disney's typical tropes, but it's executed in a way that's so massive and so dramatic that both kids and adults can both laugh and take it seriously!

The animation is grand and some of Disney's hand-drawn greatest from the big places that the film is set in (like Pride Rock or the Elephant Graveyard or even Timon and Pumbaa's home that's like paradise!), to the colorful visuals during the musical numbers, to the realistic animal-like movements on the characters (with the exception of Timon and Pumbaa)

We all remember the characters! Because they are all loveable, strong, memorable, voiced by great talents like Matthew Broderick, James Earl Jones, Jeremy Irons, Nathan Lane, Rowan Atkinson, Whoopi Goldberg, Cheech Marin, and even Jim Cummings! and they all serve a purpose to the film! And Scar is actually one of the very few Disney villains to actually KILL OFF one of the main characters! Now that's a pretty big deal!

And I even realized what Simba is as a character in this! You see? The reason he doesn't seem interesting or entertaining is because he's supposed to represent the every man!

Like, what if you were next in line to be king of something? Would you think it would just be fun and games at first? What if your mistakes got one of your loved ones killed? Would you feel guilty and run away but eventually put it behind you and try to set things right? Case in point!

The songs by the great Elton John and Tim Rice are unforgettable! Like the grand and epic Circle of Life, the dark and scary Be Prepared, the lovely Can You Feel The Love Tonight, and the fun of Can't Wait To Be King, I personally don't like Hakuna Matata as much as others (Heck, even Elton John himself hated it at first) but it's ok to sit through I guess.

This was my favorite film for years, and I never thought that any other film can top it.......until I saw my #1 Favorite Animated Film that's up next!

And my #1 Favorite animated film is.............

Inside Out - Pixar Animation Studios (2015)

Inside Out by JackHammer86
Now I've been talking about this film to death, so I'll try to say stuff I haven't said before.

At a time where Pixar was (as AniMat says) suffering from a nasty case of sequelitis, Pixar suddenly went from a short dark age that started with Cars 2, to the top of their game with this film!

While I wasn't as hyped for this film as much as Frozen at first, I got super excited once I saw the trailers! Then when I finally saw it, not only was I blown away by how clever and creative this film was, but it even surpassed The Lion King as my all-time favorite! The writing is perfect, the animation is perfect, the casting is perfect, the music is perfect, It's powerful, It's thought provoking, It's genius, I love how it entertains it's audience while also taking them seriously. (other than the workers inside the mind looking a bit too simple in their design) I think this is a PERFECT film!

I did a challenge based on this film one time, and those who took it all said they loved it because it teaches us that all our emotions are needed, and I totally agree.

The reason we love and relate to Riley Anderson is because she represents all of us! We all went through those tough times growing up! And it's ok to express your feelings and talk to your loved ones about your problem. Even the part where Joy is trying to push Sadness to the side is based on how we try to stay away from sadness thinking that's it's not healthy, but in reality, it's incredibly healthy! In fact, all your emotions are healthy! And There's no shame of being sad or angry or scared, you just have to be a little careful with those emotions.

And speaking of sadness, it was one of those rare films that actually made me cry (specifically at the end), and ever since I saw this, I actually saw director Pete Docter as one of my heroes! And I like congradulate everyone involved in the production of this film for giving us such a true masterpiece that will be remembered for years to come!

It won almost every single Annie Award that year (along with a BAFTA, a Golden Globe, and an Oscar) with The Good Dinosaur winning one as well, and it's not like How to Train Your Dragon where it won every Annie Award because the awards were tampered, Inside Out won almost everything because it actually did all those categories better than any other animated film that year! It's just that good!

In fact, this film is so good that I really want to see a sequel! There are still millions of things you can do with these characters and I wanna see what they can cook up!

So yeah. Not only is this my favorite Pixar film, not only is this my favorite animated film, it is my absolute FAVORITE FILM of all-time!

Hope you guys enjoyed this list, it was a pain to make, but it was still a great experience and I just loved revisiting my favorite films both old and new! be sure to check me and my girlfriend :iconanjalea:'s other stuff, and if you like our stuff, leave a favorite, let us know what you think, and watch us. See ya next time!

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Almost done watching all the films for My Top 20 Favorite Animated films list!

You know guys, there were times where I thought I couldn't do this, and I even wanted to skip a few films at first, but this whole time, I pushed through to make this list for me and for all of you!

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